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About the artist.


Joelen Mulvaney lives in Barre City with her husband, Ed Stanak and works in a remote studio in the historic Mathewson School, once the site of the Barre Evening Drawing School founded by Carlo Abate and Charles Pamperle.  

Development as an adult artist began at the Fashion Institute of Technology and continued at Cooper Union School of Art and the Brooklyn Museum Art School with three years of experience as a studio assistant for Bob Blackburn at the Printmaking Studio. After moving to Vermont in 1979, the kitchen, back room and, a studio in Barre City became workspace and exhibits went from galleries to community centers and restaurants.

Recent statement by the artist:

My late career works combine my dedication to constructing archival, traditional oil paintings and random impulses to use found objects. From rabbit skin glue and white lead grounds to campfire charcoal on birchbark, images are either carefully orchestrated or extemporaneous. My interest is in creating works of art that have multiple interpretations. Although with my own intent or subject matter, if a painting is successful, then the ideas, thoughts and feelings of others are respectfully accommodated. 

As a colorist and as a result of many years of responses from viewers, I remain true to the guidance of mentors Ben Cunningham,  while at Cooper Union and Bill Jensen when a student at the Brooklyn Museum Art School. Bold use of color has been and remains the hallmark of my work and has evolved into a layering that produces different hues by viscosity. I attribute my skills in the chemistry of oil painting to Krishna Reddy, who developed the process of viscosity printmaking, taught at Bob Blackburn's Printmaking Studio during my tenure there as a studio assistant.