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To Participate

Follow these easy steps to be a part of the               #freeJOYart project:


Continue to participate if you already have joined the project

Whether you want to join next fal 2022, joined the project by contacting it before, you can continue participating. If you already have aquired a piece, share in an email to this site and on social media your reactions to having the work in your space, where it went if and when you gave it away, or comments others have made on seeing it.

To join for next year, contact the artist on this site (sign up below) and you will be notified of the next give-away.

​Twenty-five participants have taken home their choice. Follow the journey of the paintings to their new habitat. Postings of photographs, participant comments and further documentation will be found on this website. Contact the artist at for more information.

            Studio interiors at the Mathewson School building, see below.


Thanks for submitting!

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